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What a weekend!

I’m a volunteer at my local Air Ambulance charity shop.  I just do a few hours here and there. It’s great being able to do something for a good cause. I enjoy the “job”, I love meeting a whole range of different people, talking to them and learning about their lives. The people who I work with are great too. We have a laugh and we all chip in together to get things done. We’re a great team! I don’t get to go in as often as I’d like due to other commitments, like having children and spending time with my fiance. But I found a few hours on Thursday afternoon to pop in! My kids love it as I always end up buying something for them while I’m there. This week it was  Lego Star Wars DVD!
My 2-year-old absolutely LOVES his Lego Duplo. He has a number of sets including a Winnie The Pooh set, Jake and the Neverland Pirates set, The alphabet set, My first zoo, my first fire station, a small brick box, and the large deluxe brick box.
As much as my 4-year-old loves the Duplo too, he prefers his ‘big boy Lego’. Most of the older Lego is 5+ but my 4-year-old has good hand-eye co-ordination and doesn’t have any interest in trying to eat the pieces! ha-ha. We only tend to get the smaller Lego out when my youngest is having a nap as I don’t want him sneaking bits for his dinner!!
Friday, my mum came over to our house to babysit the boys for a couple of hours so me and my fiance could have our first lunch date in nearly a year and a half! We only managed to get to the local ‘food court’ , in West Orchards Shopping Centre, Coventry, but better than nothing right? On the food court is several different choices, from the usual McDonald’s, KFC, BBs to a few local outlets. We opted for the Indian place as the smell coming from there was soooooooooooooooooo good. There were several meal options available. I went for the 3 piece plate. I chose the Chicken Tikka Noodles, Chicken Tikka Masala and a vegetable samosa, my fiance opted for the chilli chicken, chicken tikka noodles and a meat samosa.  We chose our table and sat down to eat. The chicken tikka noodles tasted ok, but were cold, the chicken tikka masala consisted of 4 pieces of chicken, and a sauce that tasted like water with orange food colouring in! Ewww. The samosa was ok, but certainly not the best I’ve ever tasted! My fiance had one piece of chicken in his chilli chicken, the tikka noodles were also cold and the samosa tasted like crap!

Anyway, the day only got better from there. We got the bus over to our local Pets At Home store, in Gallagher Retail Park, Coventry, as I’ve been waiting to get Guinea Pigs for a while now. At home I have a cage set up consisting of 120cm x 54cm cage, hay rack, water bottle x 2, food bowl x 2, pigloo, wooden bridge and chube. We arrived at the store and saw it was fairly quiet. I knew the store anyway so went straight to where the Guinea Pigs were kept. Straight away I spotted the 2 most gorgeous boy piggies ever! A chunky piggy we named Sulley, and one about a third of the size, we named Mike. Both boys were from the same litter so have a good chance of not fighting when they get older! I spoke to 2 different staff members, both of whom were extremely knowledgeable about the animals and knew exactly how old they were how to care for them and offered lots of great advice in Guinea Pig care too. I have to partake in a bit of a ‘questionnaire’ type thing, just to make sure i knew how to look after / care for the animals safely and to make sure they have a healthy happy life in my home! Needless to say, I already had a good chunk of knowledge regarding the animals as I’ve done a lot of research before deciding Guinea Pigs were the pet for me! We bought them home that afternoon. Saturday evening they were eating vegetables out of my hand, and Sunday morning, after spot cleaning their cage, I got their food bag out of the cupboard, and the noise they made! Oh my goodness!! They definitely knew it was breakfast time!! ha-ha. Cuties come to say hi as I was putting the bowls into the cage!

Saturday, my cousin was over visiting her mum. We had a belated birthday lunch for her and it was really nice. Lots of balloons and lots of running around my aunties house! By the end of the day my boys were absolutely shattered!

Me, well, I’m STILL waiting for my letter to have my wisdom teeth out under general at the hospital. I’ve had a LOT of issues with my dentist. Including a referral that didn’t have my request for a general on, or the fact I’d asked for all four wisdom teeth out due to constant reoccurring infection. Currently, my upper left wisdom tooth is decaying and half has already fell out. Both bottom wisdom teeth haven’t come through properly (never have) and are both infected making biting down very difficult. I am in constant pain, unable to eat a full meal and I can’t even brush my teeth properly due to the swelling and pain and I certainly can’t use mouthwash as it goes straight into the hole in my upper left wisdom tooth. My moods are awful at the moment because I’m not sleeping due to the pain. Not that my dentist seems to care anyway as I’m still waiting for my hospital letter. I have to be put under general as I am absolutely PETRIFIED of the dentist.

Sunday’s are meant for relaxing, aren’t they? Not in this house. Washing and housework to do, dinner to cook, kids need bathing ready for the week ahead (oldest has nursery 3 afternoons a week). Never ending.

But I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way.
It’d be boring then, wouldn’t it? 🙂

Well, hi guys :)

Well, I guess I should start by introducing myself.

My name is Vikki, but I prefer to be called Vix. I’m a mother to 2 beautiful boys. Logan, aged 4 and Wade, aged 2. I have a fiancé, Adam, who wouldn’t speak to me for a few weeks (or even longer!!) If I put his age on here haha. Out children are named after X-Men. Yes. We’re geeks and proud of it actually!

I like to moan, whine, complain and just generally grump about most things in life. It doesn’t mean I am not grateful for the things I have in life. Believe me, I am. I have more in life than most people could only dream of. We’re not rich, far from it. We have a roof over our heads, and food in our bellies and we have each other!

I suffer with depression and anxiety. I am very open about this. It’s not “who I am” and it doesn’t define me as a person. But it is still a part of me and my life. I’ve suffered for over 10 years…I am only 25…and for me, rather than spend another 10 years trying to fight it, just learn to live with it, learn to take each day as it comes.

I have many, many hobbies. I’m the kind of person who will give most things ago!

I love music, movies, watching tv, sewing, pretending to be a movie critic, spotting movie mistakes, reading, gaming. I’ve never really been into beauty and fashion. I do wear make-up and I do like nice clothes, I just never seem to look right with them on!

I’m (almost) obsessed with bargains. Charity shops, bargain shops, sales, value ranges.

Probably the biggest aspect of my personality right now however, is, I’m addicted to ‘comping’. I’m by no means a “professional comper” but when the kids are in bed at night, and my fiancé is out at work (he works nights!) I need something to do to stop me going stir crazy so I’ve become rather addicted to comping. (But that’s another post all together!!)

*Comping is entering lots of competitions, incase you weren’t familiar with the term. 🙂

This isn’t just another mother/parenthood blog there are plenty of amazing ones out there, which I intend to share with you over the coming weeks / months. This is just for me to release pent-up frustrations with the world and tell you about my favourite things. inevitably there will be blog posts about parenthood, after all, having children is amazing.

One last thing. I’m a chocolate addict. Seriously.